Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is Col. John Mark Young the Anti-Christ?

I have been at various times amused, shocked and disgusted by GOP attack ads aimed at Col. John Mark Young who is running for the State Senate from Sapulpa. If you listen to the ads, Young is personally responsible for rising health care costs, violent crime on our streets and the moral decay of our nation. Not a bad job for a country lawyer from a small town in Oklahoma. If he has that much influence he must be the anti-Christ or at least one of his trusted lieutenants.

The John Mark Young I have met is a different man. By nature he is quiet, unassuming and polite. He comes from one of Sapulpa’s old legal and political families. I met Col. Young through his father who is a respected figure in a local Christian men’s organization. Sen. John Young Sr. is a wonderful old lawyer and Christian gentlemen whose wit is matched only by his fire. Col. Young has spent his life in service to both his community and his country. Young has been an officer in the Marine Corp Reserve all of his adult life and he has served multiple tours in the Middle East. But, you know how it is with “evil” people. They can mask their misdeeds and terrible conspiracies with good works and community service and by so doing trick good people into supporting them. I guess that’s what the GOP wants us to believe.

The GOP media machine accuses Col. John Mark Young of representing criminals. He does that. Our constitution and laws provide that citizens accused of a crime have the right to an effective defense. The criminal defense lawyer stands between the state and the accused to protect the accused’s right to be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a noble calling.

The GOP media machine accuses Col. John Mark Young of a being a trial lawyer as well. Our constitution and laws provide the right to a civil trial to redress wrongs. Without that provision you have no civil rights. The trial lawyer is in fact the protector of the life, liberty and property of the citizens. It is a noble calling.

Strangely, I know nothing about Col. Young’s opponent Brian Bingman. Bingman may be the best man for the seat. But, I don’t know that because the GOP has decided to spend its media dollars propagating ridiculous accusations against a good man instead of educating us about their own candidate. And that bothers me. The very fact that they have “gone negative” indicates that they have something to fear from Col. Young. Their fears are well founded. The GOP has done a terrible job with the social conservative’s agenda and frankly, moderate Democrats like Col. Young could go a long way if they can learn how to play the hard left wing of their own party off against the socially conservative views of their constituencies to produce real progress on issues like abortion, pornography, public school indoctrination and illegal immigration.

Granted, I have heard some people say that the Creek County race might tip control of the state senate back to the Democrats. I wouldn’t be happy with that but I am also very unhappy with the GOP ad campaign. It is an insult to the voter’s intelligence and if I could vote in that race, I might vote for Young just to spite the idiots who tried to sell me that load of garbage.

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