Friday, June 22, 2007

P.O. Box Burglary

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The U.S. Postal Inspector informed me today that the P.O. Box for my firm was one of several that may have been burglarized the evening of June 13, 2007. It is not known exactly which boxes were tampered with and what mail, if any, is missing. In cooperation with the Postal Inspector, I am asking my clients to let me know if you mailed a check that does not appear as a credit on your bill for this month. If that did happen, please contact me and Postal Inspector’s office immediately. I am also asking my fellow attorneys and other officers of the court to please notify me and the Postal Inspector immediately if you see or hear of anyone with unexplained or suspicious possession of documents or pleadings related to my practice.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Bill Kumpe
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 4142
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74159


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