Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kamakazi Republican or Principled Christian? Part II.

I believe in national sin. The Bible is replete with examples where the sin of a nation, even God’s chosen nation Israel, becomes so repugnant to Him that he turns the whole regime over to their enemies as both an instrument of His justice and a means to facilitate repentance. This principle is by no means limited to Old Testament times. Germany was a civilized Christian nation.

Adolph Hitler gained control of the German political system because he was tough on communism and made the economy work again. German Christians held their noses and supported the “lesser of evils.” But eventually, the seeds of evil planted in their political system brought forth fruit: the Holocaust, WWII and the destruction of the German nation. By the late 1930’s, Hitler’s excesses had become so repugnant that parts of the German state church were in open rebellion against their government. By the early 1940’s, as bombs rained down on their cities, pastors of the “Confessing Church” were openly praying prayers of repentance for failing to oppose the Nazis while they still had a voice.

American Christians have no idea how bad their bargaining position is in the current body politic. In Lawrence v. Texas, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the moral values of the majority of the population as voiced through the political system would not prevent the courts from overturning laws they disapproved of. Increasingly, the alleged political voice of American Christians, the GOP, is telling them that they must go to the back of the bus and compromise their core values to gain any kind of voice in future administrations. At a past GOP convention, Bush operatives actually told Evangelical leaders and delegates to stay out of sight and maintain a low profile during the convention. But, during the same convention, so-called "Gay Republicans" were allowed to take the podium and address the crowd. I am ashamed to say that Evangelical leaders, complied, took it and did not walk out of the convention.

The single bargaining chip American Christians have left in the political system is the power to throw an election to the other side if the GOP does not produce acceptable candidates. But, increasingly, Christian Americans are being asked to hold their noses and vote for candidates which simply do not support their values. The excuse offered is that the unacceptable candidate must be acceptable because he is the lesser of two evils. The problem is that the lesser of evils is still evil and a seed of evil planted in the garden of politics always brings forth fruit.

I believe that every American’s vote counts. I believe that God will hold every individual accountable for how he votes. We Americans allegedly have a social contract called the U.S. Constitution. It is premised on the concept that our political system produces a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In short, we choose our leaders. But, attendant upon that choice is the responsibility for it. Imagine this conversation before the throne of God:

God: You were an American right?
Defendant: Yes.
God: You chose your political leaders, right?
Defendant: Yes.
God: You knew these leaders did not support Scriptural values, right?
Defendant: Yes.
God: But you chose them anyway, right?
Defendant: Yes.
God: Why?
Defendant: Because our political leaders said we couldn’t win the election by supporting men that promised to govern by your values.
God: I’m looking at the Scriptures here. Where do they tell you that part of your duty is to win political elections? Could you show me the chapter and verse?
Defendant: Well … it’s complicated. I can’t really.
God: No you cannot. I wrote this Book and it’s not there. But, can you show me some verses where I told you to be obedient to my Word and principles and let Me worry about the results?
Defendant: Do I have to? I’ll stipulate that the Bible is full of them.
God: So, you are telling me that you chose to believe POLITICIANS instead of My Word and voted in rebellion against my principles time and again?
Defendant: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way.
God: Well, I would. You chose them and now you are responsible for their actions while they were in office.

I have enough to account for before God already. I do not want to have that conversation. So, unless a miracle occurs and the GOP finds an acceptable candidate, I will not be voting this November.


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