Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Associated Press has filed a motion to unseal the court records concerning Rozita Swinton, a person of interest in false child abuse reports which led to the seizure of over 400 children by Texas authorities. And, it has now been learned that Swinton had a long history of filing such reports. In a copyrighted story, link HERE, the Rocky Mountain News reports today:

The document released today shows Swinton had an extensive record in Colorado Springs of posing as a troubled teen and making false claims. The affidavit connects Swinton to several reports that alerted Colorado Springs officials.

The document links Swinton to calls made throughout October from a "Dana Anderson." The caller claimed to be a young woman being abused by her pastor at Colorado Springs' New Life Church, and later as a 13-year-old student at Liberty High School who said she was being drugged and sexually abused by her father.

In February, a woman calling herself "Jennifer" called 911 from a prepaid Tracphone, claiming that her father had locked her in her basement for days, the document said. Officers linked the calls to Swinton in March.

Texas officials claim that even though the largest government child seizure in American history since the "pacification" of Native American Indian tribes was based upon false information, information gained AFTER DURING AND AFTER THE SEIZURE verified their suspicions about the group and legally justified their actions.

How convenient. This kind of practice has gone on for years in the "war on drugs." Paid informants or informants that are not doing time courtesy of their police handlers will say just about anything against anyone. Just one more reason why the the fruit of the poisonous doctrine is a good idea, even when it lets defendants who truly deserve punishment go free.

The Mosaic Code had it right. Two sworn witnesses were required for a conviction and the witnesses testified under threat of the same penalty as the defendant would receive if convicted if it was found that they had perjured themselves. Works for me.


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