Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's Middle East Policy - A Recipe For Armegeddon

I just finished listening to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on Meet the Press. I should say I tried to listen to him. For twenty years after I got out of the military, I sold computers. I spent a lot of time, when I wasn't actually working, in high priced, high level, psychologically oriented marketing classes. So, I tend to automatically tune out "marketing speak" as soon as I hear it. The real problem with Obama is that most of what he says is "marketing speak." It is intended to develop an atmosphere conducive to a favorable decision without containing anything substantive.

He did say one thing that caught my attention. He said in no uncertain terms that he was committed to the formation of a Palestinian state and the use of the authority of the United States to make it happen.

It is very easy for Americans, who have never heard a shot fired in anger, to dictate kumbyah peace terms to the Israeli's who have been in a constant state of war for their survival since the founding of their nation. American's just don't understand that the Palestinians, and a lot of other people in the Middle East, will not rest until the Israeli state is destroyed and every single living Jew on the planet is either dead or subjugated.

The worst kept secret in the Middle East is that the Israeli's have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them anywhere in the theater. It is no secret that the Israeli's will use their very capable air force to take out targets that threaten their safety. Within days of the formation of any so-called Palestinian state, Israeli warplanes and helicopters would be bombing the places in the new so-called Palestinian state where the rockets and artillery shells killing Israeli citizens were coming from.

But, because the so-called Palestinian state would then be a sovereign nation, the UN, certainly no friend of Israel's and outright anti-semitic at times, would come in on the side of the Palestinians. The United States would be forced to "re-evaluate" its historic position of supporting Israel and whatever decision the current administration made would be the wrong one. Simply put, it would be World War Three and it would be a nuclear war, especially if the Iranians are allowed to finish their nuclear weapons. So, creating a so-called Palestinian State would transform a bloody and probably insoluble regional problem into a world problem.

The Jews have been in a constant state of war in that region for over five thousand years. It takes a uniquely naive' personality to think that in one generation they can end border disputes and racial hatred that has existed since the bronze age. Thousands of years ago, God told Abraham that, "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee." Israel is perfectly capable of handling its own problems if we keep our nose out of their business. The wisest policy the United States can take toward the "Palestinian Problem" is to keep giving Israel whatever it needs to defend itself and let it take care of its own problems in the only way that the people of that region understand.


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