Sunday, December 17, 2006

So Long Vogon ...

Those of us who dabble in computer crime defense and litigation lost a valuable resource earlier this year. Oxford, UK based Vogon International, a world class computer forensic consulting firm which maintained a regional office in Norman, Oklahoma was acquired by the Norwegian IBAS Group in April. From all that I can tell, the Norman, Oklahoma office was closed shortly after the acquisition and Vogon's only remaining presence in the United States is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Travel expenses from the Minneapolis area to Oklahoma plus travel time will place Vogon out of reach of many potential litigants here in the Sooner State. The loss of Vogon leaves Oklahoma with only Oklahoma Digitial Forensic Professionals, Inc., a Tulsa based consulting firm which has strong ties to the Tulsa Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit, the OSBI and other state agencies.


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