Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Blog Was Just "Crawled"

For the past one hour, fifty two minutes and forty eight seconds someone in Durant, Oklahoma appears to have been "crawling" my blog. This crawl was unusual in that it appears to have been done manually. Because of the amount of information involved, I don't believe they had time to read everything so it looks as though they may have been manually downloading the blog contents.

Recently, I noticed limited activity on the blog from the U.S. Justice Department and after I "outed" that activity I noticed very similar activity from a commercial contractor. But, this is not unusual for bloggers who regularly post on political issues.

However, if any other Oklahoma political bloggers have noticed this type of activity from a user connected to the net through ISP James Cable Partners, L.P., Durant, Oklahoma IP address: please contact me offline at -- flash6453@mypacks.net --.


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