Friday, May 30, 2008

Sanity Finally Prevails in Texas Child Seizure Case

The Texas Supreme Court has upheld an appeals court ruling vacating the seizure of four hundred children. The ruling does not end the parent's troubles with the Texas CPS or answer any of the difficult questions that arose about the religious organization. But, it does show that Texas judges are capable of rendering a logical verdict without bowing to political correctness.

The most frightening aspect of this whole misadventure has been the silence of attorney and civil rig
hts groups. It would seem that if the accusations are vile enough, the group odd enough and law enforcement determined enough, too many American attorneys are all too willing to suspend the U.S. Constitution.

As the events were breaking, I was involved in a online discussion with a group of civil rights attorneys. Many of that group were highly critical of those of us who questioned the evidence (now proven to be non-existent) and the process (now proven to be unconstitutional). That heated but important conversation was soon terminated by higher authority within the hosting organization.

One courageous attorney in that conversation was blistering in his criticism of Texas
Southern Baptist Churches who loaned buses to law enforcement to transport the detainees. Now we have learned that the State of Texas asked Baptist Family and Child Services to provide command and control services in operating the detention centers (aka concentration camps). Link HERE. This same attorney observed that those Mormons will remember for the the rest of their lives that the people who call themselves the true church and them cultists helped the state haul them away into captivity and that the SBC and its people may well get a deserved hosing in Federal Court right along with the state officials who violated these people's civil rights so badly.

The Texas Supreme Court Opinion can be found HERE. Note that there were three partial dissents with those justices concurring in part but suggesting there were grounds to remove a few pubescent girls. Link HERE. And to make sure that the everyone in the legal community that wouldn't speak up about this travesty of justice until the courts returned sanity to the situation gets the point, read "The Civil Rights Watchdog That Didn't Bark" HERE and "Appeals Court Ruling Makes Blogging About YFZ Raid Safe" HERE.


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