Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Classic Dixie-crat - A Winning Formula for Oklahoma Democrats?

Let me start by saying that I come from a Republican heritage. My grandmother was a Republican. Not a country club Republican by any means but rather a combination of a staunch anti-communist and an old woman with a long memory of the association between long dead local Little Dixie Democrat leaders and the Klan. This unusual situation had nothing to do with a particular love or hate of any race but rather was due to the fact that her husband, a socialist politician, had been driven out of the state by the Klan leaving her destitute in a sharecropper's shack with three small children and a crop in the field.

And, while she continued as a sharecropper during his terms in office, Grandma also thought that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a combination of a Communist and the Anti-Christ. She was so hard core Republican in a Yellow Dog Democrat district that my earliest memory involving an election also involved her being forced to take a literacy test, an unheard of insult for a white voter at the time, and Republican lawyers from the state GOP telling officious Little Dixie precinct workers that my grandmother was going to vote or there would be hell to pay for all concerned.

I have made no secret of my disappointment with the GOP for the last several election cycles. As a matter of fact, sadly, I no longer identify myself as a Republican. I am a Conservative. A strict constructionist TheoCon for you wonks. That puts me about forty miles to the RIGHT of the current RINO dominated GOP. I did not leave the GOP. The GOP left me. But having said that, it would still take a rim of ice on the shores of Hell to make me vote for anyone with a JackAss beside their name on the ballot.

But, the Democrats are not stupid. They realize that they have lost the South and they are going to have make accomodations to get it back. It is a pity John McCain isn't that flexible. This is a campaign ad that could make me think long and hard about voting for a Democrat if I lived in his district. The strategy behind it should be the GOP's worst nightmare.


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