Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Missing Cache ...

In the last episode of the mystery that has become my blog, I explained how an article very critical of John McCain suddenly disappeared from my blog server. I further explained that the blog entry could still be read in Google's wonderful "cache" feature which preserves deleted web pages, etc. for posterity.

I just checked my last blog entry and clicked on the link to the cached blog entry that had gone missing. More strangely still, the Google cache entry is now missing as well.

But, further investigation leads me to believe that it was not sinister forces in the McCain campaign that cause the disappearances because the TownHall.com column I quoted extensively (60% of the blog entry) can still be read HERE. I have always taken a pretty loose attitude toward quoting and using stuff from Townhall.com. I always link and give proper attribution but they are a public policy organization. They publish their material on the web for it to be quoted and distributed. To date, I have never had a complaint from Towhnall.com, Salem Communications or any of their columnists.

That leaves only two possible sources. Either Mr. Hawkins personally took exception to my long quote of his blog or Amway took exception to my relating my own experiences with them in the "80's. The blog author, John Hawkins, is a former AMWAY distributor who has good things to say about AMWAY despite the fact that he admits that he left the organization with less money than he began with. Link HERE.

Officially, AMWAY has been cleared by the Federal Courts of being a Ponzi scheme because of internal regulations designed to avoid the legal elements of one. It is a legal pyramid scheme aka a "multi-level marketing company." There is a difference in the law. However, if you Google the words AMWAY and Ponzi, you will get a fascinating read. But, also be advised that AMWAY has a reputation for aggressively pursuing online sources that are critical of their company so be careful if you decide to blog about what you read.

Shoot, I just meant to be critical of John McCain and Country Club Conservatism not AMWAY. I just assumed that everybody in America already knew about AMWAY.


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