Saturday, August 02, 2008

ME -- A LIBERAL ???????

It never ceases to amaze me when I see my blog listed among the most influential LIBERAL blogs in Oklahoma. This situation is a perfect illustration of just how convoluted American politics have become. They say confession is good for the soul, so I am going to confess a few things to the blogosphere that may change their impression of my political leanings.

First, I am a constitutional originalist. That means that I do not believe in the “living document” theory of constitutional interpretation. I most closely identify myself with the jurisprudence of Justices Antonine Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

Second, I am a hard core Evangelical activist and I am not ashamed of it. I am 100% pro-life, anti-porn and pro-traditional marriage only. And, I strongly support the First Amendment right of Christians to advance their world-view in the marketplace of ideas wherever they choose including the political system. But, I am ashamed to admit that my Christian brothers and sisters moved into the political system to change it but were instead changed by it, becoming what they beheld and selling their moral and spiritual birthright for crumbs from the table of the secular political elite.

Third, I am a highly dissatisfied Republican. The GOP has moved so far to the far left in my lifetime that I no longer recognize it. The current GOP position on any issue is always just perceptibly to the right of the Democrats regardless of the morality or practical effect of that position. That’s not leadership or conservatism. John Kennedy was far to the right of the current GOP on many issues. If there were an opportunity to do so in Oklahoma, I would probably vote the Constitution Party presidential candidate.

Fourth, I believe in a conspiratorial view of history. No other theory makes any sense. For example, in my view of history, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a socialist who surrounded himself by known Communists and Communist sympathizers.

Fifth, I am a realist. I oppose many key GOP initiatives like so-called “tort reform” because I know, because of my profession and personal experience, that they are trying to rig the game at the court house against the people who need help there the most, individuals and small businessmen who have been wronged by the rich and powerful.

The people who call themselves conservatives these days are pale imitations of the real thing. For the most part, they spout knee jerk political theory based on talk radio “education” and can't think past the next election cycle. I am proud to admit that I am out of step with them and the current GOP which calls itself “conservative” but is far, far to the left of the Democratic party of only a few decades ago. But, to call me a liberal is ridiculous. The problem is that I am so conservative that modern so-called "conservatives" don’t recognize true, old fashioned conservatism when they see it.


Blogger Terry Hull said...

Bill...If your goal is to remove the label "liberal" from association with your name, I think this post should surely do the trick!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bill Kumpe said...

RE: Do the trick ...

It's just incredibly annoying to be labeled a "liberal" because I don't unthinkingly accept whatever the current GOP position is this week.

8:36 AM  

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