Thursday, August 14, 2008

The White City Blues

The following is making the rounds on the Internet. Every good revolution needs a theme song. Maybe White City has found theirs:

>Rich people spending lots of money
>To make everything nice downtown
>And the one thing they sure don’t want to see
>Is a bunch of bums hanging around
>So they sent ‘em to us
>And gave us The White City blues
>The bums get out of downtown
>Out of rich folks sight
>White City blues
>The old county sheriff’s
>Would run the bums out of town
>Now I can’t see much difference
>Between that and what these folks are puttin’ down
>The only difference is
>The White City blues
>Cause they’re not runnin’ ‘em to the county line
>But just out to our neighborhood
>Oh Yeah - White City blues
>I ain’t got nothing against them bums
>Lord knows they’re just folks like us
>But dumpin’ in our backyards
>Ain’t gonna do nothin’ but raise a fuss.
>And give us all the blues
>The White City blues
>The I’m poor now too cause nobody will buy my house
>Cause the neighborhood’s gone to hell
>White City Blues
>Now if this bill of goods these folks are sellin’
>Is gonna be so good for the neighborhood
>Why don’t they build it in their own back yard
>Oh Lord I wish they would.
>And leave us alone
>With the old White City Blues
>The hard enough as it was
>Without downtown’s rich folks problems too
>White City blues.


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